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"I mean, you have given me reason to believe that you are more than that. I’m just surprised you mean that. No one’s actually considered me that much…Sonic…I want to tell you how deeply sorry I am. For ignoring you, and blowing you off. After all that’s happened…I don’t know why I still do it to you…" Shadow tried to say the best he could.

"Perhaps I do it because it’s wrong to show how I truly feel…" He muttered under his breath. 

Hearing Sonic plead out to not leave, he looked into his eyes. 

"Why? I’ve said too much…"

"It’s OK Shadow. I forgive you." he said.

When Shadow looked him in the eyes and asked his question, Sonic glanced down before looking back into Shadow’s eyes.

"I just… don’t want you to leave… I… I really like being around you and you haven’t said too much. Not at all." he said.

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Shadow tried meeting his glance, but couldn’t bring himself to do so. He felt…almost nervous to for some reason.

"You really see me as more than an ally…? I’m honestly surprised by that…your friends fear me…or don’t favor me much."

He looked down, ears flattening and slightly turning a shade of pink.

"Maria talked to me about fate once. She claimed that it just, happens more or less…and when it does it’s the best thing to happen to someone. I never understood that, especially how I’ve never really been taught HOW to express anything like that…" He explained, turning his head away. "I’ve probably said enough…I’ll just be on my way."

"Of course I see you as more then an ally." Sonic said, looking up. He was a bit surprised Shadow hadn’t realized that. The blue hedgehog had shown signs that he wanted to be friends.

"Wait. You don’t have to go." he said after Shadow suggested he’d leave.

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"Hmm? Like what for instance?" He asked, curiosity taking over him. Sonic always meant what he said, therefore he really wanted to know. But why did he want to know so bad, compared to any other time? Normally he’d ignore him and continue with what he was doing.

"Well, we could become friends. Maybe even close friends." Sonic said.

"And… maybe… by some weird twist of fate… more then friends…" he added, a bit softer then before and blushing faintly and glancing down.

Not a confession, but that was as close to one as he was getting… for now anyway…

"I mean, hey, never know what the future holds. Fate can be a weird thing."

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The black and red hedgehog looked at Sonic, then at the tree line before them.

"Things have sure changed between us. Years ago, sworn enemies…became close rivals…and now we are considered allies. Strange how relationships change like that…"

"Yeah. It’s pretty weird. But, at the same time, it’s good. I think it’s amazing how far we’ve come. And there’s still lots to look forwards to." Sonic said, a smile still on his face.

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'It's the strangest thing…I actually don't mind him being around. Normally the hedgehog irritated me to the third degree, but tonight…it isn't close to what it always comes to be.' 

Shadow’s thoughts were introduced to something new. Was he able to fully tolerate Sonic? More than just the respect he had given him? 

"You know faker, I’ve actually come to terms that these past few hours have been more interesting that most times I spend alone out here."

Sonic gave a big smile as his tail wagged a bit.

"Really? That’s great!" he said, his smile still preset.

If he could make Shadow’s day interesting, that was good for him.

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"I’m actually surprised you managed to fall as well." Shadow spoke.

He emerged from the water, quills heavy and drooping down from the amount of water that soaked them. His quills, along with his fur were matted down also. He brushed his hands through them to get the access water out, along with shaking his head back and forth in a swift motion to dry faster.

Sonic chuckled a bit as he got up and started getting the water out of his fur as well.

He always had fun hanging around Shadow… He liked being around the other hedgehog.

He just wished… he could be brave enough to tell Shadow how he really felt about him…

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Shadow shook his head and chuckled.

"It really has Sonic. Almost began to believe that you didn’t want to race against me anymore. Probably just you giving up because you know I’ll beat you right?" He said, providing a big ego to show off.

The showing off ended suddenly when the dark hedgehog misinterprets distances and ends up falling into the glowing stream of water ahead of them.

"How could I have not noticed this?"

"Ha! You? Beat me in a race? As i—” before Sonic could finish, he fell into the same stream Shadow had just fallen into.

"… Well, if it makes you feel any better, I didn’t see it either."